Abbotsford Sustainable Distillery wins 3 GOLD in Canadian Spirit Competition

March 5, 2020



Abbotsford, BC – Owners Paul & Caroline Mostertman, of Abbotsford’s newest distillery, New Wave Distilling, are thrilled that their local farm grown, and distilled spirits ‘brough home the bling’ at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition. Results were released on February 5, 2020, and “we were so excited to find out we took 3 Golds, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, plus 2 Merit of Terroir”, owner Caroline beamed.

“The history of New Wave Distilling has been an interesting journey for us” she continues, “we started off as a blueberry farm and eventually became a winery ‘Ripples Winery’ specializing in organically grown blueberry wines. Once our winery was making headway, we noticed that there was still lots of our blueberry lees going into our compost, we decided we could do more. That’s when New Wave Distilling came to fruition in 2019”.

The young woman who has put New Wave Distilling on the map is Kelsey Mostertman, a young enthusiastic individual with an intense adventure bug and a talent for creating cocktail and spirit recipes. Unafraid to try new things, she has taken the local distillery market by surprise, even creating her own Absinthe. As an avid climber, high on the rock is where she br

ainstorms best about her new spirit creations. “The inspiration for our Spirits comes from the natural world I see around me” Mostertman explains, “Our ‘Summit’ Product Line are all named after the beautiful Illusion Peaks in the Chilliwack River Valley, where as our ‘Adventure’ Product Line are named after climbing and other outdoor sports.”


Being one of the only few Winery & Distilleries that create their products using the same raw material, 100% Organically grown Blueberries, the distilling journey is different than most, allowing for a simply elegant circle. “Once the blueberries are processed into Ripples Winery’s Blueberry Wine, the leftover lees and wine waste gets put into our Copper Still which ultimately gets distilled into concentrated alcohol. When I am satisfied with the purity, it is infused with different botanicals and flavors to create small batch produc

ts. The final and ultimate completion in this cycle, is using the left-over mash from the Still to spray under the blueberry bushes, which acts as an organic fertilizer”, says Mostertman.


As the distilling world is expanding in leaps and bounds, taking part in these types of competitions allow Craft Spirit Distilleries from across the Country to compete at the same level. The Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition was hosted in Vancouver in early 2020, with over 50 Distilleries from across Canada and hundreds of types of spirits all competing. New Wave Distilling took GOLD for their Absinthe Minded Absinthe, Disillusion Gin, Dawn Patrol Liqueur, SILVER for their Valley Nectar Liqueur and Rip Tide Liqueur, BRONZE for Branding for their Brides Tears, and they also received MERIT IN TERROIR for their Valley Nectar Elderflower Liqueur and Disillusion Gin. For more information on New Wave Distilling’s products, please visit them at or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.


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