Our product line is inspired by our love for the Fraser Valley and the surrounding mountains and forests.  Locally owned and operated our family business falls in line with our passions and values. With a love for nature, we pursue an array of man-powered sports such as rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, mountain-biking and others. These activities bring us closer to nature and allow us to explore the incredible areas in our own backyard.

Most of our spirits are made from 100% organic blueberries, grown and picked right here on our family’s blueberry farm. The blueberries are then made into wine which gets further processed into Ripples Winery’s organic blueberry wine, and the leftover lees and remaining wine gets further distilled into pure alcohol. We may run the alcohol through the still many more times to ensure its purity. Here we infuse different botanicals and flavors into our spirits to create our one of a kind products.

edit-2466Our Master Distiller is Kelsey, a young enthusiastic individual with an intense adventure bug. Whether she’s climbing a rock face, biking, skiing, hiking or travelling, she’s always thinking of her next idea.

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