Adventure Line



“The soft light of the setting sun on the mountain tops that created a breath-taking rosy glow”

After a day in the mountains, enjoy the evening’s sunset with our AlpenGlow flavoured spirit. Infused with organic cacao nibs and lightly sweetened with honey, collected from our own hives. Each sip will give you defining notes of vanilla and hints of coffee bean, with a lingering silky chocolate finish.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 30%Alc/vol

Cliff Hanger


“An ending or break that leaves the audience in suspense”

For all those risk takers that live a little on the edge, Cliff hanger will add that little spice in your life. Using BC apple juice, we created a silky-smooth spirit with just the right amount of kick. Infused with cinnamon sticks and chilies, you’ll be leaving every taste bud hanging in suspense.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 30%Alc/vol

Dawn Patrol


The act of getting up extremely early before sunrise, to engage in an outdoor adventure”

Mornings are tough, Dawn Patrol’s delicate balance of pecans and honey was created for all those chasing the break of day. With all-natural pecan flavours and honey collected from our own bee hives, this spirit has a smooth, creamy and slightly sweet flavour.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 30%Alc/vol

Summit Fever


“The compulsion to reach the summit of a mountain whatever it takes”

Summit Fever is distilled from 100% organic blueberries grown on site and then lightly infused with freshly pressed blueberry juice. This spirit flaunts its refreshing and energizing flavours. Determination will inspire you to reach the top, when you do, celebrate your victory with Summit Fever. Shaken on ice, mixed in cocktails or stashed in a flask for sipping on the mountains. Whichever way you choose to drink it, you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 30%Alc/vol



“A strong current pulling towards the sea causing unpredictable conditions”

Riptide is a smooth spirit bursting with mango and passion fruit, making it a great addition to any summer time beverage. Distilled from 100% organic blueberries grown on our farm, we infused pure mango in the distilling process to bring out the natural and beautiful flavours of summer.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle -25%Alc/vol

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