Covid-19 Safety Plan

Updated: Sept 1, 2020

Covid Protocols for all businesses located on CPM Farms Ltd

There are currently 4 businesses on CPM Farms Ltd. Located at 3387 Tolmie Road, Abbotsford B.C.

Woodbridge Ponds Nursery

New Wave Distilling

Ripples Winery.

The Secret Garden (this is a ‘Special Event Area’ that forms part of the Estate licenses that are registered on the property).

The Winery and Distillery share a common sale/tasting room and the Nursery is in a separate building and greenhouse. The ‘Special Event Area’ is located in a separate space, 35 feet from both buildings and is a 20-foot-high open sided tent filled with plants. It has its own washrooms (2 plus one wheelchair accessible one), separate from 2 other washrooms located by the winery.

Current measures in place to safely operate all businesses and provide a safe environment for staff and customers.

Basic protocols for all activity on the property.

  • All businesses are only accessible from one entry point from the main parking lot. We have a touch-free hand sanitizer station set up at point of entry with signage requesting all visitors and staff entering the property to sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer.
  • All staff are required to notify CPM Farms and stay home if they are unwell or symptomatic.
  • There are touch-free paper towel dispensers in all washrooms, as well as hand sanitizer dispensers and all trash cans are pedal opening.
  • Washrooms are checked hourly and taps and surfaces are sanitized with a bleach solution or alcohol sanitizer.
  • Touch free garbage cans, taps, towel dispensers and soap dispensers are in place throughout the property.

General Risk Assessment

Sales Room (Ripples Winery/New wave Distilling) -The area that pose the greatest risk for workers as well as patrons is the Wine Sale Room as this is a relatively small building with easy access through a large garage style roll up door. This could easily get too crowed if not monitored properly. To limit the amount of people entering this are we have implemented a greeting system and a wireless pager is handed to customers on arrival. Patrons can wander in the gardens until called. This allows our wine tasting staff person to remove spent glasses and disinfect surfaces before a new group enters the area.

Charcuterie Prep (Ripples Winery) – This is a low risk area. An isolated space that is shielded by plexi-glass and is completely self sufficient with no access for patrons and one staff person only.

The Nursery (Woodbridge Ponds) – This area is low risk, a large open-air greenhouse that has wide alleyways and very few patrons at any given time.

Event Area (Secret Garden) – Extremely low risk area, 4500 ft2 with high tented roof and open sides. At 50-person occupancy, guests have 90 ft2 per person space. There is sufficient space for tables to be set up at 6-foot distancing.

Ripples Winery & New Wave Distilling Sales Room

The following protocols are in place in addition to the general farm policies:

  • All staff are required to wash their hands for 20 seconds after each task and use hand sanitizer in- between customers
  • Counter tops are regularly sprayed down with 10% bleach solution or alcohol sanitizer
  • Payment is taken with tap cards only and the pin-pad is sanitized in-between customers
  • Customers for online ordering use the parking lot call 604-864-1033 for delivery to their vehicle. Online orders are paid online and no financial transaction at time of pick-up and staff pack and deliver the product in bags to customer’s car
  • Walk-in customers are required to use the hand sanitizer station
  • We have a large 8-foot roll-up garage door that serves as an entrance (in addition to the main door). The door remains open during the day alleviating the need for people to touch door handles. If weather does not permit the door to be open, staff disinfect the door handle in- between customers with 10% bleach solution or alcohol sanitizer
  • Touch free garbage cans, taps, towel dispensers and soap dispensers are in place throughout the Ripples Winery & New Wave Distilling room.
  • Disposable single use Gloves, single use masks are available for all staff if desired but not mandatory for general customer service as we have plexi-glass shields.

Wine/Spirit Tastings

  • Our carousel wine/spirit service bar has two sides, one that is typically used for spirit tasting and the other for wine tasting. We can accommodate one group (6 people) (family/or traveling group) of customers per side.

We have two wireless mobile payment pads, one per side, for tap transactions.

  • Staff wash hands in-between each group of visitors and or task.
  • One-time use glasses are used for Spirit and wine tasting.
  • All glassware will immediately be collected with gloves and put in the high temperature dishwasher. Gloves will be disposed of after use and all surfaces will be sprayed with 10% bleach solution or alcohol sanitizer spray.
  • Soap and sanitizer solutions for the dishwasher are checked daily.
  • Plexi-glass shields are in place between serving staff or patrons and 6ft tape lines are now installed where workers cannot be protected by shields.

Charcuterie Service

 In addition to the regular protocols that are in place for our approved food permit we will be adding the following:

  • Only one staff member will be allowed in the food plating area at any given time
  • Food will be plated on charcuterie platters for no more than two people.
  • Server will change gloves after every board has been made and delivered to the customer.
  • Surfaces, refrigeration handles, and storage containers will continue to be disinfected with 10% bleach solution after each use.
  • Customers may not stand, and watch boards being prepared. A plexiglass screen is in place for protection.
  • Food service in the wine tasting room will be restricted to three small tables (6 ft apart).
  • Food and drink service on the winery patio will be restricted to 6 small tables (6 feet apart).
  • Touch free garbage cans, taps, towel dispensers and soap dispensers are in place in the Charcuterie service.
  • Used boards and glasses will be removed as soon as guests are done with them and placed in the approved High-Temp dishwasher.

Woodbridge Ponds Nursery

 Our Water Garden Nursery is a seasonal business that is typically open from April 1st to September 30. We are open for plant, pond supplies and fish sales. As a small very specialized nursery we typically do not have many customers at any given time. An example of a busy Saturday would be 15 customers during the eight-hour day. The following protocols are in place for greenhouse sales.

  • The greenhouse retail area/store is approximately 4500 ft with six-foot-wide aisles to allow for social distancing
  • There are no doors or surfaces that customers need to touch to conduct their purchases
  • A staff member is in the Pond Shop to restrict the number of customers to 5 in the Pond Shop at one time.
  • Shopping carts are sanitized with alcohol sanitizer in- between customers
  • Plants, supplies and fish are picked and packed by a staff and loaded on shopping carts for the customer to take to their cars
  • A staff member retrieves, sanitizes and disinfects the shopping cart after each use
  • Payment is taken with tap cards only and the pin pad is sanitized after each use
  • Touch free garbage cans, taps, towel dispensers and soap dispensers are in place throughout the Woodridge pond nursery.

Special Event Area

Our special event area is 100 feet by 45ft = 4,500 ft2. We have a variety of different sized tables to accommodate different family group sizes. For patio food/drink service the special event area can accommodate 50 people seated in small pods of up to 6 people with a minimum of 6 ft distance between seating areas. For weddings and other single use events the maximum occupancy is 50 people.

In addition to the overall farm protocols, we have implemented the following measures to safeguard our guests and staff.

  • Washrooms are checked and cleaned hourly by staff that is not serving the public.
  • A hand washing station with hot and cold running water located inside the area (in addition to 3 washrooms) as well as touch free hand sanitizer stations.
  • All catered food will be provided by a catering company following Fraser Health and Covid guidelines and regulations plus proof of business registration.
  • Drinks are served in individual glasses and placed on the side bar for pick up.
  • A designated bussing person, wearing gloves, will remove empty glasses immediately, and place them in the high temperature dishwasher (Fraser Health approved and tested). Gloves will be changed after each use
  • Soap and sanitizer solutions for the dishwasher are checked daily
  • Touch free garbage cans, taps, towel dispensers and soap dispensers are in place throughout the licensed special event area.
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