Summit Line

Disillusion Gin


Disillusion Gin is a handcrafted from 100% organic blueberries from our own farm. The special array of infused botanicals are locally forged and sourced. We gave our Gin it’s name after the Disillusion Peak in the Chilliwack River Valley, an inspiring region that lead us to capture the taste of the mountains.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 40%Alc/vol

Rexford Rum


Rexford Rum is our spin on a Caribbean favourite. Hancrafted on site in the Fraser Valley using honey from our own bee hives. To help create depth and character in our Rum we have lightly caramelized honey into our barrels before aging. Named after Mount Rexford, a local mountain in the Chilliwack River Valley. Tasting this rum will transport you from the chilly mountains to a warm sandy beach.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 40%Alc/vol

Illusion Spirit


Illusion Spirit is our Vodka style spirit. It’s made from 100% Organic Blueberries, grown, picked, distilled and bottled on site in the heart of the Fraser Valley. A smooth white spirit that can be mixed or drank straight with ice. Named after the Illusion Peaks in the Chilliwack River Valley, our passion for purity lead us to collect and infuse pure glacier ice from this region into this spirit, offering an adventure in every sip.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 40%Alc/vol

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