Secret Garden Line


Brides Tears


Based on a traditional wedding story, Brides Tears is served to the bride as she begins her newlywed life. Consumed on the day of her wedding, the 24-carat gold leaves in the spirit represent the tears of the bride. These are tears of joy as she starts this new journey with her love. Forevermore this spirit is a special reminder of the vows made on their wedding day.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 25%Alc/vol

Silver Linings


Silver Lining was designed to pair with our Brides Tears and to be served to the groom on his wedding day to celebrate their love today and in future days to come. The Silver flakes in the spirit represent that no matter what life throws at them, their love and partnership will always be the silver lining. Together they can face anything.

$24.95 – .375ml bottle – 25%Alc/vol

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